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2021 Doublin Gap Mx


hello mxb folks! another track release coming your way! hope everyone enjoys this track and hopefully some series will be held on the beauty.

to enter track please go under the bridge. cool little feature. 🙂 lol

creditz: piboso for the sick game!

gio for the objects

smr for the custom gates, and the bridge.

anyone else i forgot thank you!!

have fun!!!

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Track is fun, but the jumps need to be a bit bigger for how fast your going around the track. Also the jumps give you a kick soon as you hit the top of the lip. 7/10


i like tracks where you have to watch your speed over jumps and not full send everything but even then the jumps here just feel way too small to be honest


PAMX i love it dude! gotta do PVR


Hey cool track. I do have a question though. Do you ever think you will make the track Field of Dreams in New Jersey? Asking since you have made at the minimum 4 different tracks that are local to me


track is very good. like how it seems like a realistic track. GOOD SOUP