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2021 Freestone Night Track


whats up guys! I am now releasing my next track called Freestone Night Track. this track is located right next to the national track less than mile away. this track will be apart of the full moon series for mx bikes.

hope everyone enjoys!

credits: pibs



and the creators for the stadium lights and the bleachers.


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Map feels empty and lifeless, and a day version of the map would be nice so you dont have to play with the night sky box


PUUUMPED!!! Keep these Texas tracks coming please! Can’t wait for what’s next. I know this shit takes forever to make…


WAAAY?!! Thank you for puttin in the work! im playing badlands now (was that btw?)


First off, I’m not a track creator, nor even know how to make one.

But I think you’ve got really great potential. Your tracks are ALMOST there.

But i feel they are just hella wide open with hardly any technicality to them.

Personally I feel you need to get the size down on the map size itself and reface the lips on jumps and landings.

Youve got good lines but the lines seem really one sided. Inside is pretty much the meta in every turn. Why I think the scaling on the map size should be smaller. Because as of right now you can pretty much just rail every inside, making the outside irrelevant.

Maybe try spending a little more time on your tracks.

This isnt a comment trying to talk you down either. Im only posting this because like i said, i think you have great potential at making some really nice tracks. Also I’m from Texas and this track was the only track Freestone had when I rode in the mid 2000’s. So I was pumped for it.

ONE more thing lol, the amount of fences and the lack of amount of entries to the tracks drive me insane lol.

Good work though man, looking forward to seeing you progress.

Cody James

It could use some life to it, some more objects, or maybe be a little harder. But its a sick tracks and thanks for the release!


Dude the track is sweet! don’t need to have all the extra crap on there to take up file space. Just make sure its got 40 man pits/gates! For me personally I hate when track creators go and put the pits on what feels like the opposite side of the track Or they make a stupid maze for you to have to weave through with MXB’s slow physics. It’s super fun. I’d love if every track creator would put the pits just outside of the starting gate and that you entered the track there. This is obviously just imo.


bro honestly one of the best tracks for fast racing well done!!


Really fun track to ride! My only gripe with these tracks is the night time sky box. The way the lighting in this game works makes it still seem like full sunlight with the shadows and everything, just like a huge thunderstorm is about let loose.


I downloaded it and im just stuck under the map help.