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2021 River Valley Mx


Hey guys back again with another texas track! 4 down 9 more to go lol this track is located in Boyd, Tx.

one of the tracks part of the mx bikes full moon series but instead of a night skybox i put in a sunset skybox.

hope everyone enjoys this track and i cant wait to finish more tracks in the coming weeks!

i will update to the day time part of the track and will release another file for the day section of river Valley!

have fun!

so sign up for the full moon series click the link here!:

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Cody James

Awesome thanks!!


Dam this looks sweet! Time for a shred


I love this track so much.


Having a lot of fun running laps on this track! This track is like archery for me, I can just get lost in doing it over and over. Really stoked to see what else you come up with!


broo this is sweet when you finish texas you should do some cali tracks so cal and nor cal


How do I install .rar maps? I can never figure it out


download win rar and extract it then drag the folder or file into the mx section in the mods folder