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2021 Shift 3lack Label (Gear/Gloves)


Today, I present the 2021 Shift 3lack Label gear! Too much time went into this, so hopefully other people think it’s good. I know I could have done better with lining stuff up, but when you work on just alignment for 3 hours, you see why I gave up haha. But anyways, I just wanna say thanks to OneShot for getting those AWESOME screenshots. Darius Peterson made the 2021 3lack Label stuff for MX Simulator, and I used his Blue/Purple shift logo for the UV gear so I gotta give him credit there. And also TKO Smokey for giving me some tips on the Gray/Red gear since he likes it so much lol. Also Hooter for the emotional support as always.

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Fire kits!!


can you pls unlock them i want to add a proper number on it this way it makes no sense for me to use it


Can you please drop the PSD’s for this???? This game has almost no PSD’s!! Help the community brother!