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2022 Aerial eSX RD01 – Anaheim 1


Here it is boys, 2022 Anaheim 1. This would never be possible without the help of Niko, TFC, Ruubs, Jesse Mulock, iNsane, Osmeralada for the track making. McChicken, Dad shoes, Rhys and Niko again for the series organisation.
MASSSIVE thanks to all the sponsors you guys are making it real.
This is the start of year 2 for AESX, let’s make it awesome.

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This mod is password protected!
Password (click to copy): L!mm9@hgHx:_nK"\

2022 Aerial eSX RD01 - Anaheim 1

Mod Instructions

Password will be released 30min before Qualifying starts.

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Lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SD’s Whoop Section is going to be claiming many victims tonight 😉


I hate that you were right lmao. Still rooting for tomac he was very consistent but just not fast enough.


lets go


My Mega doesnt work properly can the track be uploaded via mediafire?


cmon why is there a password bruh its already here just give it. why gate keep it and let only certain people have it. it is already here so why bruh. im at my wits end bruh


because im pretty sure they are doing a race on it. itll probably be open to public tonight.




The password is in the MX Bikes discord.


The password is literally above it

keeps saying wrong password for me


Extract with WinRAR instead of whatever you are using.


why is this rated less than 4 stars tf


sick, great work as per


Scaling overall is definitely better than previous tracks from other years, but I still think it’s off a little for the physics of this game. Whoops section isn’t very great

Cody James

Skill problem tbh


That’s the kind of super professional response I’d expect from a moderator tbh. But what I’m trying to figure out is where I said it was too hard? I was just giving feedback no need to white knight here.

Cody James

lol i was joking chill it buddy
but watch the race, the whoops where crazy hard for people who where not in the A class, and even pro riders had problems.
im glad the whoops separate fast riders from slower ones in game just like they did irl.
Yea they are not easy, they shouldn’t be.
But they are completely doable

And remind me what my response has to do with me being a mod? struck a nerve i guess
my timbers have been shivered

Last edited 5 months ago by Cody_James

Lol I see others agree here. I’m not mad, and trying to figure out what I would have said to elude you to thinking this. . I guess I just try to handle and word things a little more professionally when representing a community, business, website etc.

Cody James

its a meme in the mxb discord, calling problems a “Skill issue tbh” wasn’t insulting your skill but i do think skill has something to do with it, because the faster ppl in this game think the whoops are great.
Its all personal feel. making them not easy is realistic


That’s all fine but I don’t think you understand what I was getting at. Maybe you’ve never ridden supercross in real life. You are not 100% on the throttle to hit triples out of a turn. Watch this Saturday night, they brake into the turns, then throttle out to hit the fast line. With the scaling of these maps cs the physics of the bikes I find it less realistic and more arcade like. I am able to full throttle around the turn and hit those lines, but it feels better to have to maintain less throttle which is actually harder for most people.


I know what youre saying here. And agree, are we sure an EXACT 1:1ratio is the perfect way to do it? is there testing we can do to make it work better for this game?


Agree. Even on a 450 you can’t do some of the lines they were doing in real life. Still a perfect replica, though.


I agree as well. The tracks are great, but in all honestly having to be full throttle to do the fast line just doent make for great battles. it makes it to where it becomes single line racing in my opinion. tracks like js7 sx or 316 compound with easier runups allow for more line choices like actually going inside instead of having to rail everything full speed. i think the tracks like secret sx are setup a little better for the physics of the game. it has nothing to do with skill, i CAN hit the lines, but requiring that much throttle is just not as fun IMO

Cody James

no clue what you mean, you can do every line they do on the 450s irl on a 450 in game.


You can definitely do all the main lines on a 450.


Could we maybe a get a server version of the track pretty please? 🙂



Caiden McFee

Were do I enter the password to access the track.


This is by far the best supercross track that you have made. i absolutely love it. thank you so much for putting in some much time and effort into making this series. you are probably responsible for most the sales of this game over the last year so thank you

can someone help me its still saying wrong password


Use WinRAR instead of whatever you are using.


It keeps saying wrong password when I extract it. Please just get rid of the password.


UPDATE: Extract with WinRAR instead of using 9zip or any other extraction app you use.


The password does not work


when I download it and put in the password says “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged” I use winwar and know how to install these tracks, I’m no rookie but it does this with all the supercross tracks moto tracks download just fine