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2022 Alpinestar confetti public


Tomac isn’t the only one that can rock that confetti kit. Now we got that young yabadabadoooooo


GIVE FEED BACK! Let me know how to make the kits better for you guys. You don’t like a design? Tell me what you do like then so I can make it


If the kit isn’t showing up correctly in game change your file location and follow the pic I included to help out

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Alright, so you want feedback.

This is not good looking at all. The colors are poorly chosen, they’re too bright/saturated.
The design itself is mainly the reason why your kit doesn’t look nice: besides logos, it doesn’t feel like Alpinestar at all. Also, you’ve selected the “Custom Stiching” category for this post. That’s a lie, you’re still using the stock normal map, which doesn’t help making your skin “good looking”. Here is a video tutorial that’ll help you making those custom norms.
So yeah, I really do think that before trying to make a custom design and post it online, you should start replicating IRL kits in order to have an example of a design (so you can compare it and try to replicate it as close as possible), and take a few steps back so you can see that you need to put more time into your work.

This message probably sounds rude, but the fact that you’ve yelled “GIVE FEEDBACK!!!” in an other post justify my rudness.

Good luck!