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2022 Badlands Mx[FINAL UPDATE]


hey guys hows everyone poppin? summer is here and it is finally time for the 2nd annual mxb full moon series!

i am now releasing which will be round 1 of the full moon series with another track file coming which will feature a night sky.

hope everyone enjoys and hope to see yall ripping badlands mx!

creditz: piboso for the game

gio, twisted moto for the objects

Redrider197 for the custom gates

have fun and hope to see everyone at rd 1 of the full moon series on mymxb!!!



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Made for Beta 17.


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I cannot download the track. I get a message that says…check to see if there is a typo in


Track could definitely use more testing, it’s is way too skinny and you left an invisible object on the track that’s collidable


in fairness, this is a skinny track in real life. but definitely needs to be scaled up for the game.


Please just put more testing into the track, all of your tracks have the same issues with being too skinny, no ruts, and insanely one lined for racing. I can tell this one had no testing into it cause there’s a hitbox that extends onto the track


Track is called badlands, makes sense for how bad it is, I hit an invisible wall that is literally on the track and for a second i thought my edible had finally kicked in but was just disappointed. My backyard has more ruts than this track man, put some soul into your tracks.


what a diabolical comment




test ya tracks bro, has potential but its the same as all your other tracks, too skinny, one lined + the invisible wall problem


I rate how the track isnt wide, its more a realistic local mx track feel, more uk style as we dont always have these super wide tracks, more of an american thing imo. I like how the lines arent all pre determined for you. good work as always, big ups!!


I didn’t see any problems with the track, thought it was super chill. Maybe a tad on the “skinny” side but overall well built and hope to see more from you.


I love the track, please do not listen to anyone below, for everyone saying its skinny you need to realise its a replica track. the main issue with everyone on here and why there so ignorant is because they judge how it feels on the game rather than real life. I think you did excellent on replicating this great job


im convinced you just never play your track they all have the same problem of no ruts terrible corners super skinny track all 1 race line i dont get how this would be used in a race


Not sure why the responses are so harsh. Track is nice! Fun layout. I just wish there was a burm or 2 XD. Fun track 7/10

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the name for this track is perfect

New Kid

yo can anyone help me learn to make a track any help would be appreciated thanks


I’ve downloaded everything you’ve created so far, and i really like your style. Your turns and rut/line choices are prime. Curious however if you’ve experimented with other dirt types? I think you’d kill it at a sand/soft soil track.


Badlands is one of my favorite local tracks and I have to say this is almost a perfect replica. It feels tight and choppy just like in real life. Anyone saying it’s too narrow and needs more ruts has obviously never ridden this track irl. Also, I was unable to find the invisible wall everyone is talking about.


Man some of these comments are so mean. I love this track its a ton of fun, and i’m not having the invisible wall problem everyones talking about. Go peep the comment about riding the track in real life. Stay warm, drink milk xoxo


Big update from the locals – theres an invisible wall in real life so, thats solved


hey! your track could use improvment, but there is potental!! i would love to do testing for you!!


Hey same! my Discord is sslum#2355 if you ever need extra eyes.

Meat Pie

I think people have been overly critical of this track, I personally like it. Can jump straight in and rip around not super technical. It feels like your typical town practice track so the width isn’t an issue in my eyes. If it was an AMA national with 40 rides that would be a different story. Great work, keep it up. Had no experience with an invisible wall others have mentioned either.

Last edited 4 days ago by Meat Pie

all you people who are putting the creator down, stop it and tell him how he can improve,
track building is a loooonnng process and takes practice


great job on the track! just maybe get a tester to tell you what to improve. πŸ™‚


not sure why theres so many complaints looks mint mate


I don’t understand why people are being so harsh. The track feels good to me width wise, its nice to have some tighter tracks. the roughness in spots feels good, but there definitely needs to be some ruts in the corners. The invisible barrier is on the 2nd jump after the straight on the right side, I did some searching to try to find it. I have no complaints on the jump scaling, but there is an unnecessary amount of grass on the track, people with lower spec rigs that want to keep grass on are going to have some issues. Other than that its a pretty fun track, has a load of potential.


Tracks pretty fun. Had 0 issues with it. Yea a lil skinny but makes it fun for battles


Dont get all the hate, tracks really fun


most yall never watched bambi and it shows!!. I am seriously doubted releasing tracks on here after seeing these responses to something someone took time and effort to make and give to us for FREE!! really if youre just going to bash people work without positive criticism, especially when its subjective to whether or not its a “good” track and its preference on width etc but anyway, seriously just don’t bother next time if you can’t say anything nice bar bash people efforts stfu!!!


that’s why one should always only rely on valuable feedback and not trash talk. That’s life πŸ˜€


I am actually shocked, I hope this wont become a toxic place where people who contribute nowt just bash others who do, reminds me of mxs at times, a few years back! still at least its not cod fans though lmfao


yes get what you mean mate.


but what about my feelings? :'( ‘d rather not deal with unbiased community feedback and grow in something that is a vast genre of many fields, all of which can be potentially profitable if not then at least an artistic outlet. At least you want to learn. Instead, most people wish just to let someone else do it and then critique like yelp is their job. When will people know the internet does not care about your feelings? The faster people get over that and stop the victim and the trolling, the quicker we can get back to the freedom of speech without the fear of it being used against you …., . … blame ADHD idk how I ended up here with many wide gaps were made and I’m not talking about date night with you booty nighty night keep that shit tight lol ps ily insane keep up the grind


Dont let the trolls discourage you from trying track building man. That would suck for the good ones that could help you out. Lets see what you got!


dielbolical, mate, lets not be to harsh man. πŸ™


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but opinions are like assholes. Kudos to the people who provide constructive criticism and provide feedback to improve. But man, parts of this community are becoming terribly toxic. Sad.


agreed mate!!!


Rock, like the track. Not sure why people are hating on it. We need variety in tracks for the community to ride. Track flows very nice, some stretchers, some you need to check up on. Are there berms in every corner? No, but that’s where the technique comes in. Keep it up and look forward to your next track.


I really like the track. It definitely feels like a local track, and I don’t think it is too skinny. Not ever track needs to be a big national track that can handle 20 or more racers at once. I had a fun just knocking off one lap after another. Great job


Man, I was going to make my childhood local “Sprout Patch” … i stopped because it took fuggin ferever and theres so much PC stuff i dont really have time to learn… PLUS it would have been uber narrow lol. (Even looking back at the pics from “01 or so its like WTF?! We raced on that?!) AND WE RAN THE TRACK!!!! hahaha. anyways, kudos for getting it out there. keep learning and creating.


Can appreciate a new track but as others have already said..test out the thing more before actually releasing it. The Track has a a lot of potential. Add more details(ruts). Make sure the invisible walls are OFF the track. Please get creative and get more line choice in there so it’s not a fast line train every lap. Every hits the saaaaame line cause there’s nothing else to choose to hit.


This track is local to me, cool to see it in game!