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2022 CRF Yoshimura RS-12 Model Swap


This is my Yoshimura RS12 for the 2022 CRF OEM bike. This is a model swap. Existing skins for the Current 22 OEM CRF will still work with the model. Everybody enjoy. Would appreciate any donations to help bring more content into the community.

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Yoshimura RS-12

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Marcus Thompson

Is that the mx sim pipe?


I hope that’s the case.

Last edited 1 month ago by tombo

This is better than the base honda props to you.


fiire bro

General Tso

does anyone know why when i do the model swap my swing arm disappears? it also does it when i try to do the handguard swap for the kx 250f. thanks in adavance!

General Tso

Where do I get the files?


And just drop them in the CRF250/450 folder or what?

Rage 8D



Sweet but I have a problem, my swingarm and front forks dissapear when i installed this model. Anyone got a solution for this?


you should make one with handguards that works with every skin


somebody will come around and do free oem updates if they don’t. nobody is paying for that shit lol


what bruz, random people wont do an OEM update, they dont even have access to the source files ya mungaloid

Cody James

Great job as usual vickers!

General Tso

id buy/donate to you, do you individually sell your mods? wasnt sure how that worked and also i put the hrc files into the crf folder and my swing arm is still dissapearing


Yo my man, where should I unpack it? Should I download something else to work?


Already get it but now my bike number disappeared, how do I fix it?


what am i supposed to do with the ” model.edf” file???


drag and drop it in the crf250 folder, before paints


I have the problem that the bike model disappears if someone else with a Honda is riding in fron of me. It disappears at a distance of about 5 meters. After that, I only see the rider and the wheels. I only have this issue with this model. Can anyone help?