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2022 Cycle Ranch Mx Park


hey guys im back with another banger! one of my favs to ride Irl and im happy to give her to yall. i made 2 tracks of the cycle ranch complex and i will be releasing the night version of cycle ranch soon.  hope everyone has fun and rips some motos!

Credits: Piboso for the game!

redrider for the textures, and the custom awning behind the gates. and also the custom gates.

twisted moto, gio, and whoever i forgot thank you for the objects.

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Made for Beta 17.


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lets go bro totally killing it with these tracks at the minute keep making these bangers


Looks great man, congrats on another release!


feels like it missing some jumps and textures, but the layout off the track is great.


pls ling mega


very good yes


Keep it UP! Great Track!


dope! shame on what happen to the owners of the track and all that went down


Its opened back i went today


what happened?


Great track but could be Amazing, all that I feel is needed on most of you’re tracks is the ruts starts/exits could be less rounded off and start earlier/exit later. It feels as if the entry/exit is abnormal with the humps. Other than that they are great.

Amber Turd

This is the kinda track I’ve been looking for. High speed, nice corners, big jumps and fun for all skill levels. A lot of tracks have so much packed into such a small area that you can’t get out of 3rd gear. Those kind of tracks are fun but sometimes you just want to go fast and not think.


Thanks for another track, man. Of all of your tracks, this is probably the one I liked the most, alongside Underground Mx.


Been playing this online with some buddies and such a fun track to have for all skill levels! Has some technical parts and some wide-open areas! keep it up!


Very fun track for ripping around a 2 stroke. Thanks for making this for the community! This was one track I always regretted not getting to ride when i raced as a teenager. Would love to someday see some of the Texas tracks i used to ride on like Highlands, Skeeters, Rio bravo. But just wishful thinking lol.


Nice track Rock, you’re improving! I don’t know if it’s just how the track is, but it feels way too wide and too big overall. It’s pretty “boring” riding MX2 cause it’s just pinning it 24/7.
As said, not sure if it’s just how the track is IRL 🙂


i cant download it for some reason thus or the new fox 2022


Love this track man, thanks for all the effort. Amazing job!


This is the only track ive downloaded that makes my game crash


me too and it wont show my new 2022 hangtown i bought it shows 2022 dox but not round 2 idk


My home track!! Would be dope if you could make an older version of this track. Early 2000’s era when they had the long whoop section in the back and the HUGE camel hump triple! I do feel like the hills need to be kinda steeper tho. Super sick still! good job!