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2022 FTR BRMX RD2 – Ibirubá (Updated)




-TFC (If it wasn’t your tutorials I would’ve never starting on track making)
– Resolute (Resolute MXB Track Builder)
– Earthwurx (assets, answers, help, etc.)
– Higgo (tents and other assets)
– RedRider (help and assets)
– Endo (textures, trees, other assets)
– DA Mods (Dayllon leveler help, masks, other stuff)
– Fatmuppet (banners)
– Pietro (help back in the day)
– Rubs (assets)
– Giopanda (assets)

<FeulaTracks Racing Series>

-Support us with any value to keep our series running and more free tracks coming for everyone.
If you want your logo on our tracks you have to donate more than $4.99 USD. DM me on @feulatracks for more info.



-Make your replica or fantasy track with me kewin. (for the fanstasy tracks you need an idea of layout of course).
-Each track $300 USD. DM me on @feulatracks for more info.

Sign up here:

Race info:

*Updated Checkpoints and textures 07/18/22

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Made for Beta 17.

server version pkz

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post it the day of the race and not 3 days early and i bet you get 0 hate


just an opinion which i think alot of others share with me. take it or leave it doesnt really matter. its ok not to like me my life will still go on hehe


Yeah, unfortunately thats how people are. Dont let it affect you so much. Thanks for the track, man




anyone else get taken to a youtube video instead of link?


wait nvm i forgot how to read lmao


this is so dumb lol. you make great tracks man but posting a teaser to your youtube on a mods website?


i understand your point, its frustrating but perhaps read the discription next time just before you comment as it could cause some backlash (no hate) just look at the comment at the bottom


i did read it. post the teaser in your race series discord or somewhere else. this is a website where people come to download mods not tease them?

Last edited 1 month ago by Frosty122

yeah ik its a strange thing why am i getting hate for having a neutral opinion and trying to explain to people


what the……….


why is everyone shitting on it. the track isn’t even out yet and people are fugling about it


The track isnt out yet thats why it brings you to a youtube video


it bothers me so much that all of you idiots are trashing “FuelaTracks” just because you did not take 30 seconds to read the post before commenting on it. My suggestion is to get the hell off of a community based MX game because clearly you have no patience and no understanding of how MODS ARE MADE!!! THESE ARE FREE TRACKS THAT WE DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR! Not to mention how good these “FuelaTracks” tracks are to ride!


all these “idiots” you refer to is 1 person….they may not understand how mods are made (same with me) but they are somewhat valid showing frustration at the fact the track isn’t released yet (even if they didn’t read the description) because its a little misleading to use a track download to advertise the track( however not a bad idea, I am not complaining, its a good idea to build hype and isn’t the main focus of this response). Besides all that and as the main point, the tone you take with your comment is overwhelmingly negative and your ‘suggestion’ is downright disrespectful and completely unneeded. You should get some respect towards other members of the community and if that is so difficult for you to grasp then perhaps you should take your ‘suggestion’ into consideration. Yes they should read the post before commenting and yes they should have patience because it can create a negative image on the community but unleashing your thoughts and thinking you have the authority to tell people to “get the hell off….”is a complete oxymoron of your original point. thank you for reading and i hope you take something into consideration


im fully aware of the time and effort its take to make mods for this game lol. Personally just think its a shitty way to promote your track when most people on here are expecting to download a track not see a teaser. maybe if there was teaser section on the website it would make sense


did u read my whole message………lol im on ur side why am i getting hate


Well said !


looking forward to this track it looks pretty sweet


Hyped for this one, 1st round was a banger!


Kills me every damn time I read the comment section on tracks. Exactly why my tracks do not get posted. Good Luck on your release man and I look forward to riding it!


Pavilion mx is the track that made me stick through the learning curve of this game, wouldn’t mind being charged for quality work. Look forward to trying this one out as well!


Looks dope AF! Fuck the haters!


now that its released. i stand with what i said. this track is gold