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-TFC (If it wasn’t your tutorials I would’ve never starting on track making)
– Resolute (Resolute MXB Track Builder)
– Earthwurx (assets, answers, help, etc.)
– Higgo (tents and other assets)
– RedRider (help and assets)
– Endo (textures, trees, other assets)
– DA Mods (Dayllon leveler help, masks, other stuff)
– Fatmuppet (banners)
– Pietro (help back in the day)
– Rubs (assets)
– Giopanda (assets)

-Support us with any value to keep our series running and more free tracks coming for everyone.
If you want your logo on our tracks you have to donate more than $4.99 USD. DM me on @feulatracks for more info.


-Make your replica or fantasy track with me kewin. (for the fanstasy tracks you need an idea of layout of course).
-Each track $200 USD. DM me on @feulatracks for more info.

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Made for Beta 17.


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Wow… you are improving so much on your tracks! I remember spinning so many laps on the original version of this one. This new one is a huge improvement! Great job! I am having a hard time timing that last uphill whoop section though.. lol 😀


Awesome Track man! It’s a little rough to my liking but I understand it’s suppose to be like that IRL. Keep it up man all the tracks you have made have been Fire!!


downloaded, ran 2 laps and had to come back and let everyone know that they need to download this track ive rode almost all of your tracks and this is by far my favorite one its definitely rough but boy is it fun keep up the good work man!


que delicia de pista cara aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


I totally get what you are going for here but it’s just too rough for my liking personally and it seems other people are saying that too. Amazing layout and really sweet jumps (great jumps for getting sideways) but way too rough. I ran about 10 laps and just uninstalled it from my folder because it just ain’t it for me. If this track had less roughness and those whoops were gone, or smaller, before that step up i’d run it all day, awesome layout!

Last edited 6 days ago by mikeyparrino726

Anyone complaining about the roughness needs to just get better at the game lol. This track rips and the whoops are fun


100% agree!

Still have a rough time with that back uphill whoop section before the step up.. .but there are no other parts of this track that are “too rough” for me… I love it!