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2022 Kawasaki Westeffex Encore + PSD


Hi everybody, let me present you the brand new 2022 Westeffex Encore skin for the Kawasaki! If you want to get the 2021 version, click here.

The plastics PSD is now available! You’ll find a FMF and a Pro Circuit exhausts with norms and all. Have fun 😀

Westeffex just released a brand new version of my favorite kit ever, so I HAD to make it for MX Bikes! I tried to add as many details as possible in order to make the best looking skin: custom triple clamps, custom normal maps and specular maps (shiny exhaust goes brrrr) and of course custom metals textures. I sadly cannot upload the PSD, as I am not allowed to share the KX metal parts texture (which is a damn shame, I apologize for that).

Shoutout to M0T0L4FE for his Suspension Service Stickers texture.
HUGE thanks to the Westeffex team, they gave me some resources so I could make the best replica possible. You guys rock 🤘

The skin works for both the 250 and 450 bikes. As always, more pics below. Have fun!

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sek c biek grizzly lenux

Huracán Honcho

OMG how u do dat?




sweet i had a personal one i lsot on corrupt drive this is easy better to the original tho gj


used to run the original, I like the new touch-up. thanx


Just needs a gold chain, green rear shock spring, and light gray grips 😉

Element Designs Co

the black frame looks so much better that i went into my game looked at my bike and said….ion like it no more XD


Hey man, great paint! Love the details. Rode this paint in the latest ep of Ride The Trackmap Thanks!


Pretty whack how some people get the metals and the rest of us gotta have a naked swingarm.


Has Ruubs written these various reasons down anywhere I could read them?


Yes in the mxb discord
Might even be pinged in a mod channel!


Thanks mate. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon.


Simply the best looking KX skin!


amazing man, love it, just curious, where can i find the 2022 kx oem psd so i can do one myself, i know it wont have the swingarm but i cant find the 22 psd file anywhere


Whenever i make edit this and put my numbers on it, and i pack it via Painted it comes up black in game does anyone know how to fix this it has happened before on a different skin for the rmz that i tried