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2022 LYFEMX Respyr Gearset – Wave 2


Breathe in, breathe out. It’s quite simple.

Included in this set is 4 paint colorways, 3 designed by myself (tombo); “IRID,” “GRY/FLO,” and “SKY/BK”. The fourth colorway “LPRD” was made in collaboration with GucciMik (@itsguccimik on instagram). Matching gloves for the kits and the .PSD are included in the zip.

Huge thanks to Some_Doofus for the custom stitching.


If you do customize, PLEASE SEND ME THE .pnt FILE!! I’d love to see you guys repping my stuff in game! Send it to @tombo#1739 on Discord!

Any feedback welcome!

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Rage 8D

Yep, I’m going to be rocking this for quite a bit.