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2022 Millcreek MX


I am releasing a replica track of Millcreek MX in Pell City, Alabama. I was going for a 1:1 scale so the track may be a bit tight at first but its pretty flowy when you get the hang of it. It is not exactly the same as i changed a few sections to differentiate it from the 2021 version of the track. Fell free to leave constructive criticism in the comments below and i hope you all enjoy this masterpiece!

Thanks to:

RedRider for the trucks.

Kruegs for the banners.

Slabz for tips and tricks.

137 for the overlay i used to contruct my track.

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Made for Beta 17.

Track Preview
Server Version
Server Version

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damn… track looks fire… wish i could download


It looks killer, and I was even the first to rate it and gave 5 stars, but I personally don’t like how smooth it looks. Ya know what I mean? The aesthetic aspect of the track’s texture just looks super smooth like butter. Maybe a different track texture would help?:)


Love to see more Bama tracks!


time goes by way too fast riding this track, very fun. Awesome work, respect!


any clue why i cant get this track to work? I download it, it downloads as a pkz file put it in the folder load the game up and its not there?


Hello I’ve recently had the servers fire block my ip address now I can’t log into MXB on my computer to re-download oem packs. Dose any have any suggestions on how to contact the server?