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2022 Tampa Mx


Hey guys! I’m back with my 5th track release, and this one is special to me because it is my home track where I ride, race and coach other riders. Tampa Mx was my first ever track build last year. With how much this track means to me, I wanted to come back and do the track the best justice I could. This started out as a small project where I would just change around some textures and assets, but the more I would play around the hungrier I got for this project, and it turned into a full rebuild from the ground up. I have been working on this track for about 3 months now and I can finally say that I am proud to present this track to you guys. This track is pretty demanding on the PC, so I have included a potato version. If you are a content creator, I give you full permission to use my track for content, but please use the full version.


There have been many people who have helped and supported me through this process, so if I forget anyone, please forgive me.


ENDO – Textures

C4 – Berms

Mouklab – Tutorials

Resolute Kraken – Kraken Track Builder Tool and Turorials

Giopanda – Assets

TFC – Water Truck and Tutorials

NAVO009 – Vans

Kewinfeula – Assets

Mulock22_ – Testing and General Help

Pixistix69 – Testing

LegalViewBot – Testing

Logan – Texture Mask Help

Spuds30 – Testing

AmbieOfficial – Logo and General Help/Emotional Support

iNsane – General Help

Cody James – Moral Support

Red – Asset Help

Logan – Hosting the most valuable Discord server this game has ever seen

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Made for Beta 17.

High Quality
Full Quality Track
Low Quality
Potato Version
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the HQ version says it corrupt

Last edited 19 days ago by lilripper212

when i try to put it into my tracks folder


I have the exact problem


Great job buddy!


Very nice track man, keep up the good work!


quick question whenever I try to put it in my tracks folder it wont let me any solutions?


Had to come back and comment! I love the track!! Great fun and technical!!


Great track but its super demanding, this is the only track i get down to 60 fps on.


it wont let me download the track for some reason

“OTTO” Otto_Rocket

My guy out here with a HQ and a “potato” version. im dead


Awesome Track but that corner where you have to jump into gets me every time. lol


When i download it i only get the files and when i put them in a folder and put it in mxb folders it dosent show up ingame.
How do i fix it?


I like it. It pisses me off but I like it!. Keep up the good work!


Dude awesome Job, I’ve had the most fun in MX-Bikes riding your track in the sx150