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2022 THOR Pulse Replica


The replicas are not fully exact as I could not get the arms to look good if i replicated them so didn’t not want to post something i wasn’t happy with so they have been simplified , but i have done fully custom stitching and norms for this kit.

PSD NOT INCLUDED – i have not included psd at the moment as i plan on suing for a team but if you dm me i can do you a specific colour ways if needed.((IF you are going to unpack i would rather do for you as to not see a stupid skin where the number and stuff doesn’t have any shading so just dm me instead)

You can dm me on discord if you would like me to make a certain colour way as I plan on updating this post in a couple weeks with different colours ways but wanted to release the replica colour ways first and get your ideas for more colour ways.

My discord is – Ryan | RLD#5089

THANKS to Green lenux for his skin making tutorial which helped me make the norms and ALL of the RLD team member who kind of gave me the idea. Also to insane as if it wasn’t for his 3d viewer it would have taken me way longer.


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2022 THOR Pulse RB
2022 THOR Pulse TB
2022 THOR Pulse WO

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you kinda forgot the arm design which made it actually cool