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2023 AOT MotoTape Ax R5 – Freedom Center


Welcome to the Freedom Center! This venue based in Florida is the host of the final round of the American Online Tournaments MotoTape Arenacross series. American Online Tournaments MotoTape Arenacross is a 5 round series on factory 125/144 bikes (link to AOT discord). I have spent several months on this series so each track will have multiple lines and will provide good racing. Each track features 18 gates, 20 pit stalls, broadcast cameras, live tv screens, working flaggers, and are designed to be ridden with the erode on. This venue has a few extra features. and yes its a bit bigger than traditional AX but its the final round so I made it a bit bigger.

There are so many people i need to thank, ShadeyWadey for the BIG flag, MXB SHOP for pushing me to make better tracks, Stateline team for endless help and testing, Slabz for live screens/objects/and overall support/help, Red Rider for objects/ tips/ help/ and reflections, Endo for objects/textures/techniques/overall helping me get better with my track builds, EarthWurx crew for tips/advise/and object help, Typical Canadian for helping me with texture masks and ideas, Stu for helping with catch nets, and anyone who makes objects for track building. i know there are a few people i’m forgetting but thank you all.

Hope you all like the track and enjoyed the series!

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