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2023 Eersel MX



This track is a replica of  Eersel MX. Eersel is a rough and technical sand track mixed with fast pace and big jumps based in the Netherlands (the home of sand tracks). This track is a good starting point for learning how to keep flow on sand tracks.

The main track is also paired with a challenging whooped out turn track, made to test your skills, with no ruts and huge rollers, your flow will be detrimental on how you survive the track, be patient and find your flow, look for the smoothest lines to enjoy the track.

This is my first track of many to come. Any feedback will be appreciated

Special Thanks

Calum Designs – guiding me through my first track

Kellz and Cody – Trees and bushes

Giopanda – assets pack

please let me know if I forgot anyone.


Total downloads: 5408

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

server version

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