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2023 Honda HGS+HG


Got bored so decided to make a model swap with all parts that im pretty sure okay to be in mxb…if there are any concerns or the creators would like me to remove this please dm me on my discord – Jay..#6715
Since its LC’s model mxb mods paints work on it also
Extras-Hgs Exhaust, Circuit HG, Hour meter
I made the hr meter,
HGS model done by TM_Infidel,
Circuit HG model done by TM_Infidel,
Crf Model by LC Creations,
Dont think theres anyone else^^

Mod Instructions

Paste the 6 files(Model.edf, chassis.hrc, fsusp.hrc, rsusp.hrc, steer.hrc and gfx.cfg into either your MX2OEM_2023_Honda_CRF250R folder for 250 or MX1OEM_2023_Honda_CRF450R for 450)


Total downloads: 1696


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