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KX Camo + Public


This is a replica of my brothers 2023 race bike for the GNCC series here in New Zealand (Original kit made by Workshop Graphics),also included is a version with my number, fantasy NZ#1 and a PUB version called “KX Camo” for anyone else that wants to use the kit. this is my first ever project on illustrator and photoshop and just thought id upload the results.

*EDIT: After some more experience I figured id rework my first project so I made some Bridgestone tires, re-did a custom cutout for more plastic coverage with the graphics kit, re-did metals for a more accurate replica, re-did the normal map, made custom stand skin, also made it work with OEM model swap for the most accurate replica but also works on the stock model.

Credits go to Leathel 21, Greenlenux, Cody James for the original Kawi PSD and iNsane for the 3D viewer. Phantomz for the model swaps, Cody James for the stand, Logn341 for the P2sta wheel Import and lastly Frosty122 for telling me how to skin the Pro circuit exhaust model swap and for inspiration on the post layout.


OEM supporter model swap


OEM Stock Model

Original skins (not in pack)









Mod dependencies

This mod by Logn341 is needed:

P2sta Wheel import


Total downloads: 558


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