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2023 Malvern


Hey guys, this project came about mainly because I wasn’t happy at all with the originial Malvern I made. Lucky enough for me, they change their layout up a little each year, and this year the layout utilizes a little more of the terrain and elevation of the property. If you’re not familiar with the track, it is a local track here in east-central Ohio that regularly holds a series of night races (and the occasional day race). If you have played the older track, this one should feel quite a bit different. Textures, heightmap, objects, layout, everything is new and updated, as well as the scaling and map size are bigger to accomodate mxb physics. The track is a little on the darker side as I was going for a early evening sort of vibe.

A couple things: a huge thank you to Superjoint for helping me get the LiDAR data and animated flags in game, as well as helping me test and providing feedback and some vehicles to use. Some other assets I used were provided by Giopanda (markers, toilets, tents), TFC (water truck that has been re-textured), Agitato (parts of his banner pack), Red (tents), RK (trackbuilder) FredMX (skidsteer). There is some flickering with some of the banners at a distance but stops when closer up. I tried everything to get it to stop but unfortunately couldn’t. The track has 30 gates (unfortuntately, I tried to squeeze 40 but couldn’t), and 40 pits.

If you have any interest in what the actual track looks like, here is great GoPro video from Jeff Holub during one of Malvern’s summer night races from this year with the updated 23′ layout:


Total downloads: 2180

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

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