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2024 UFO Gear Pack


This is a pack of most of the 2024 UFO gear I’ve come across so far, inspired by aches asking for 3 kits, i bring you 14.

Stitching: TypicalCanadians Alpinestars Supertech PSD
and thank you to Insane for the 3D Viewer.

Now this isn’t a 1:1 replica of all of them, and i don’t know what the names of 2 of the kits are but i decided to just make these out of boredom in hopes someone would like them, this will be the last pack i release in awhile again seeing i don’t really do shit with gear anymore.

I will be releasing some custom alpinestars kits soon tho, so look out for that.

Anyways, hope you all like these.


Total downloads: 391

UFO Pack (Mediafire)
UFO Pack (Google Drive)
UFO Pack (Mega)

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