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24′ ON3M SX Compound


Welcome to ON3M SX Compound!!!

For introduction, I’m a 3D animator student that makes real life liveries for bikes and also liveries and gear in MX Bikes, this is my first track release and also it’s one of my first tracks.

This compound has 5 tracks, all original made using templates in Photoshop, an some zones of freestyle to get a little bit steezy.

I also made all the textures for the objects.

Thanks to:

Matrica for the mask template.

RedRider and Agitato for the objects and PSD Files.

Lynds, TFC and Agitato for his tutorials.


Without your help guys, this couldn’t be real.

Hope that y’all enjoy this, see u soon.

Mod Instructions

Just drag it in Piboso/Mx Bikes/mods /tracks folder.


Total downloads: 1986

Made for Beta 18.

Google Drive

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