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365MX Gear Pack by Frosty122


Hey guys, so a friend(BaluZ) had made some of the 365 gears that have been posted before but now that I am more confident in photoshop I wanted to remake all of 365’s gear that they have released. All textures were made using the real gear to try and get it as realistic as possible. First time making gear for me, so any feedback/tips are appreciated! Hope you guys enjoy, tons of hours went into this one haha!

Updated 4/20/20 – After looking at the gear in game for abit and some feedback from others I went back and changed the colour tone on pretty much every set. ex. made the white gear match the a-stars white boots and darkened a few others. Sorry for those that already downloaded but I’m sure you will like it even more!

Sorry for the double upload on here.

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