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365MX Gear Pack Revamp


Decided to redo the 365 gear I had released last year. It was my first ever gear release and was not quite happy with how it looked now. I cleaned up all logos/designs of the gear. Also new stitching+textures that look much closer to the irl gear. Added Helmet and boot paints to match most sets. (Helmet is 2020 Bell Moto 9 Flex/Boots 2020 Alpinestars Tech 10 DHCP) Also added 5 Hoodie options that were on their website at one point! For those you will need the RealHood mod by RkrdM. There is 32 total rider paints(27 gear+5 hoodies) 11 new gloves paints, 8 helmet paints and 9 boot paints. Hope you enjoy!

If you enjoy my work donations are greatly appreciated but not required!


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