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3Palms MX – Main Track


My first track build! I know the layout at this track changes frequently, so I don’t think this is a replica of any specific year. Big thanks to TFC, Resolute, Mouk, Giopanda, and Agitato for their tutorials and objects! Also thanks to the creators of the palm trees, bleachers, billboard, stadium lights, and fencing!


-Added texture mask to help with visibility of inside berms and whoops

-More roughness to attempt to slow bikes from overjumping on certain jumps

Thanks to all who offered their advice and opinions! It was much appreciated!


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Made for Beta 17.


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You my man are a legend, I love a few minutes down the road and I was in the process of 3d scanning! But now I don’t have to ! Thanks man


sorry to clutter this post but does 3dd scanning work out well I live near unadilla area 51 and a private track and have really nice glass for cameras


Im getting an error on extract .map
It loads up and I see rider/bike but screen is blacked out… any help thanks.


Hey superjoint hit me up on discord

Vandy | Lucid Racing#4890

I’d like to give you my full opinion on it!


Hey man i was the guy that was talking to you in the server ill make sure to give you some credits on my post when i release it but good track anyways!


So sick being able to play a track that you love irl! great job man


Lighting could use some work on the face of the jumps, inside berms, and whoop section they blend together and hard to see but other than that Overall great track! Been waiting on this one to drop I live like 2 miles from this track!


What a legend!! I grew up riding this track. You sir have made my mx bikes dream come true. Thank you!


I cant download the file for some reason.