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40 Era – Crayola (Mega Pack)



This pack features 40+ different colored gloves! If that scares you turn back now!


~The Crayola Pack~

    The goal behind this pack was to provide a very color focused glove that can be universal to anything. In this pack you will find 40+ different gloves where each has a completely different color. Intimidating I know. With this pack you should never have to worry about finding a glove that matches a bike, a kit, a flower, or even the streaks in SD’s underwear. This pack will literally provide a glove for 99% situations.

With the amount of gloves being downloaded all at one time for this I have decided to break them down into groups. There is 5 different groups which include basic, secret, other, retired, and bright.

Basic group: This group includes your base colors such as red, blue, white, black, etc.

Secret group: This group is where you’ll find colors you may not have even heard of like sarcoline, skobeloff, mountbatten pink, etc.

Retired group: The retired group is a tribute to crayola it self. These colors are the ones crayola retired from their boxes and are no longer available to the public so I have brought them to you in glove form!

Bright group: This is where you’ll find your bright colors such as flo yellow, neon colors, cyan, deepskyblue, etc.

Other group: These are colors I much enjoy and didnt know what category to place in. These are colors like mint green, lavender, dark purple, etc.



Sorry in advance, I got tired cutting gloves out of pictures. You should be able to get an idea of what’s in the pack from these pictures though.






Mod Instructions

extract the zipped folder and drag the .pnt files (not the folders!) into your gloves folder which should be found in C:\Users\username\Documents\PiBoSo\MX Bikes\mods\rider\riders\default_mx\gloves


Total downloads: 142

40Era - Crayola Mega Glove Pack (Mediafire Link)

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