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40 Era – Lucid


~First Release For Mawzia & 40 Era~

    Finally, after a long effort of learning how to make gloves and simply even learning how to use graphic editing software I have made my first public release! Since playing mx games as a kid I have always taken a liking to pov visuals while riding. By this I mean bikes front fenders, bars, grips and (what I feel is lacking currently in this community) gloves. I will be starting a journey of getting better and producing as much glove content as I can for the community. Any who I hope you all enjoy this first pack as there are many to come!

~The Lucid Pack~

    The Lucid glove has been put together with the idea of giving a little bit of everything to try and fit everyone’s interests. In this pack you will find gloves ranging from palm trees and leaves to gloves with SpongeBob & Patrick’s faces on them or there’s even cute sushi’s and dino’s. There are 17 variations in this pack with the hope you enjoy at least one!



Total downloads: 767

40 Era Lucid Glove Pack

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