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91 Raceway


Hey guys it’s been a while since last time I released a track, but here I’m. This is my second official project. This track has a fun and good flow, I know you going to enjoy it! Let’s bark!

I would like to thank Agitato, Giopanda, TFC, MoukLab, Resolute, Insane, Endo, Navo, Fatmuppet, Cody James and RedRider. Sorry if I forgot anyone. Also, thanks to everyone that tested this track and got me feedback. Thanks all the community that make contents and help with tutorials for MxBikes, it’s important to grow the community with good contents.

If you like my work and want more like this, consider buying me a soda. I totally apreciate it!

If you find any issue let me know.


Update: Fixed checkpoint issues! (05/26/22 – 12:40 am est)


Go and check this video that my brother made riding the track.

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Made for Beta 17.

Track Link (Mega)
Track Link (Media)
Server Version
Server Version (Mega)
Server Version
Server Version (Media)

Mod Instructions

drop the PKZ file into mods/track/motocross folder

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Simply Masterpiece, Great Work! 5/5




funniest track in the game




gang shit


YESSIR looks good thanks for tis gem of a track


Such a sick track. Could maybe use some premade braking bumps into some of the corners, nut other than that its pretty damn fun.


it just looks heat


super sick track its shadow valley from mx vs atv all out


I love this track..!! The only thing I would change is for a little better traction! Some spots are like straight up ice

sx design

it looks a little more slippery than other tracks too, specially the corner after the start..I don’t know why, maybe it’s only my impression…

The track is awesome overall

Last edited 1 month ago by sx design

`hey! the track is sick! how did you make the ruts on jumps and on straight’s? if you dont mind contact me on discord: youri koppelman I ART#7242


okay thanks for your reaction!


how do you fix the map just being all black?


dont download server version


The funniest track I’ve ever ride, absolutely masterpiece

Last edited 1 month ago by Freitolas

nice track GJ


acho massa


first lap and it was an instant classic for me, flows so well, awesome track brotha


Stellar Build. Love it mate.


wow lad to good to nice it is a crime.. lad 5/5 stars and more if i can.. keep that building skills alive…


Just coming here to give my 5 stars rate for this masterpiece! Can’t wait to see more bro! Congrats on the great work Deninho!!!!


This looks like it’s going to be a banger! I tried downloading twice because I couldn’t find it, and realize it’s titled
DA 91 Raceway” 😀

Amber Turd

Super fun track. I love the high speed and flow. I end up hitting those short middle ruts on the way to the outside and flipping almost every lap. If they started just a bit further in the corner I would be fine but I’m probly just bad and taking terrible lines into the corner. Either way this is one the the best looking tracks out there.


such a smooth track, a little too smooth though – some more braking bumps in corners would be nice so, it doesn’t feel so “flat”. But other than that, awesome work DA! Keep it up 🙂


Yep, had to re-comment. Absolute masterpiece of a track. Seriously thank you so much for your work, this is just FIRE. Wow… Your first track “The Valley” was also really good. Didn’t think improvement was possible, but DANG there it is!! You seriously put us all in our seats for this one.


Laggy laggy online, anyone joins freezes while on track, turned settings down made it worse. Offline testing the track is absolutely wonderful and super good and great flow. Certain directions on the track you get huge frame drops. Awesome track just wish i could run it online. PC Specs as follows i7 9700k OC’d to 5Ghz, 32 Gigs of ram, nVidia 2070Super


yeah its like 200fps in places then bam dropping down to 40 in others. no idea why


my download doesnt work ive tried 3+ times and when i load in its just a black screen anyone know how to fix it


dont download the server version, get the reg. version instead


This is hands down the best funnest track in the game!! the perfect mix for new people and so called “pros”( though most of them use every aid there is) 20 out of 10 i appluad you good Sir. please make more. one with more elevation would be nice :)lol