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A Bike Inspired by Nirvana #374


The Nirvana Themed Ktm 250 is a one-of-a-kind motorcycle that pays homage to the legendary grunge band, Nirvana. The bike’s design is inspired by the band’s iconic album covers and features a striking combination of black, white, and a ton of yellow to match the band’s theme colors.


The bike’s bodywork is sleek and streamlined, with sharp angles and clean lines that give it a modern and edgy look. The tank and fenders are adorned with Nirvana-themed graphics, including the band’s signature smiley face logo and the iconic “Nevermind” album cover artwork.


Whether you’re a die-hard Nirvana fan or just looking for a unique and stylish ride, the Nirvana Themed Ktm 250 is sure to turn heads and deliver an unforgettable experience.

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This mod by Logn341 is needed:

P2sta Wheel import


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