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Hey guys, it’s finally arrived!

This is my import of Aeffertz’ Airoh Aviator 3, including 3 variants, 100%, Oakley, and Scott goggles. I’ve been working on this for over a month, just struggling with first import, goggle PNTs, helmet PNTs, adjustments, and importing models into 3DV.
Each helmet has a 27 PNTs, including all colorways of solid, rainbow, push, glory, league, rampage, and wave designs. There is also a Redbull, rockstar, monster, and Jason Anderson replica monster helmet. Most PNTs were made by me, however rainbow, solid, monster, and rockstar were made by Aeffertz.
In terms of goggles, 100% has 32 colorways, Oakley has 19, and Scott has 35. I put an emphasis on these because I find myself wanting more goggles on a lot of helmets. This is one of the reasons this helmet has taken me so long.
Hopefully you guys really enjoy this helmet, I did put a lot of effort into it, and I know Aeffertz did too. All files are locked, including PNTs, and there will not be a public PSD release, because it is a paid model and template.
If you like what I upload, check out my Discord, JP Designs, where I post updates on all my projects. I am not allowed to post the link on MXB Mods, but if you would like to join, please just msg me on Discord and I’ll happily invite you. If you would like custom kits, you can also just msg me on Discord. Any and all nice comments, constructive criticisms, and donations are massively appreciated.
Thankyou for all the help and patience on this import.
– J. Petch
MY DISCORD: Petch195#7666
This helmet import wouldn’t have happened without help, and these people helped the most. I am also aware that there were others who helped along the way, so to you guys, massive props as well.
Please show these guys some love in the comments:
Aeffertz (@studio.ate on Instagram) – Model and template
Guy makes amazing models and his templates are super easy to work with. Like I said earlier, paid model, so if you want the template, hit this guy up.
iNsane (insane#0283 on Discord) – 3D Viewer, helmet import tutorial, troubleshoot help
This guy is the super glue of the MXB community, his programs and tutorials are one of the biggest drivers to keep MX Bikes going. 3D Viewer makes life so much easier for skin creation, and his tutorials make imports possible for dummies like me. Massive thankyou to him for everything he does and continues to do.
Alpha (Alpha#4771 on Discord) – In game pics and troubleshoot help
Alpha actually reached out to me offering his help to get in game pics, something I was worrying about because I have a potato laptop. He has taken the time at very late notice to get the pics done for you guys. He also helped with a few issues I was having with the final stages of locking the helmet files.
Logan (Logn341#5349 on Discord) – Feedback and troubleshoot help
Logan (Or Logn) helped me out massive with the reflections on the goggles. That was the only thing not in iNsane’s tutorial that I wasn’t able to find on forums. He sent example files and explained what needed to be done. Brought the goggles up another level, ans was also one of the biggest critics who provided good feedback.

Mod Instructions

The download includes a .rar file to unpack. This has the 3 variants' folders, which you will need to move into your MX Bikes helmets folder. Do not remove or delete any files from this folder. I REPEAT, all files are locked, so any attempt to rip PNTs or any other files will be unsuccessful. 


Total downloads: 16923

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Thankyou so much for the support, it is very much appreciated!

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