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Alpinestar SM-10 | L21_Bubbles (With/without Honda Logos)


Alpinestars SM-10 (Monster Energy)

L21_Bubbles | Red, Blue, Green & Grey colourways.

(I know its not anything like bubbles)

Inspired by one of Aaron Plessingers old helmets.

All colourways have 2 versions, one WITH & one WITHOUT Honda Logos.

Disclaimer: In-game screenshots are taken using altered “texture_quality=” settings in : Documents PiBoSo MX Bikes global.ini, without this there may be small differences in quality on the helmet. You also need the 2018 AStars SM-10 helmet model for this paint to work.

Download has 8 paints included, 4 colourways and 2 versions of each colourway.

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Mod Instructions

rider -> helmets -> 2018_astars_sm_10 ->paints -> (place here)

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Looks amazing !