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Heard about Pepiti?

Alpinestars MX24 Collection


Here’s the Alpinestars MX24 Full Collection! (Minus the plain graphite set, might add it later but it’s just black). Two Stella kits are included, forgot to make the third so I’ll also add that at a later date as well if there’s enough people that care.

    Just put in your rider paints folder and have fun!

If there are any issues, let me know in the comments or DMs and I’ll update it if necessary.

If you or your team is looking to get your name/number and logos on any set hit me up on Discord for an invite: sheriffwoody23



Total downloads: 2022

MX 24Fluid - Stella
MX24 Racer
MX24 Supertech
MX24 Techstar

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