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Alternative Rider Animations




Experimental and kind of hacky mod. Adds 2 alternative riding styles and makes default supermoto animations usable in the game just for the sake of variation. Done by adding new riders in the game. Didn’t find more elegant solution for this, at least yet.

Might be also useful thing to dissect for those who want to make new animations or new rider 3D models.

Tested this online quickly and it didn’t cause any errors


New version goes into mods folder! You can remove the 1st version that was installed into root/main install folder!


All riders have their own paints and gloves folders!

About the added animations:

Pro” -rider (I’m terrible at naming things). Changes default rider animations to a combination of the newer supermoto style and motocross style. In short this is Piboso’s supermoto riding style that is combined with some foot animations of our beloved good old ones. Key changes are:

  • Sitting neutral or back gives you the default MX-style leg out front while leaning.
  • Sitting forward gives you the SM-style knee out lean that blends into flat boot on the ground on certain angle.
  • Also spent time and effort trying to get rid of that seizure-like head shaking when riding over fast bumbs by changing the pitch of head with smaller gap between min/max values. Hopefully this doesn’t look screwed up some helmets.
  • Updated from previous version: changed max lean angle animation from previous version. Boot up front animation begins at higher lean angle and starts to extend towards max. Hopefully this goes well with the insane lean angles and berms the game has.


Default-Alternative” -rider has otherwise default Piboso’s animations, but with said desperate fix to get rid of head shaking and higher max lean angle animation so the rider shouldn’t extend his boot stiff & straight so early.

May potentially affect how sending off scrubs and whips look like (no time to test & compare everything)
Changes are also visible to 1st person riders as well, because most tweaks are in leg animations



Extract files. Move or copy the folder “Rider” to MX Bikes mods folder.



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