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AMBC RND2 Moree Motorcycle Club


Hey everyone,

Releasing a replica track for Round 2 of the Australian MX Championship.  Track is located in Moree, Australia and holds many races throughout the year. There was a tight deadline to get this released for the series and it will continue to evolve for next year’s round 2 race as well.

UPDATE: Made some revisions to the starting gates. Fixed the cuts on first lap completion.

Link to the series is here:

The track itself has little elevation but does feature many big jumps and tricky sections including sand. There are multiple lines in many corners and should be good for racing. Many thanks to the JuicedOut Motosports team for all the testing put into the track.

Lastly, thank you to the track building community. Most notably TFC, Resolute, Agitatos, Giopanda, and Mouk Lab for the tutorials, tools, objects, and discord help.

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Made for Beta 17.

MediaFire Track Link
Mega Track Link
Server Version
Server Version

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Cody James

Looks great! Very good job, tracks are getting better and better!


Absolutely phenomenal! this track is great, has the perfect amount of roughness and the corners hold you well.


This is a fantastic track!! As Tue already mentioned, just the right amount of roughness and some excellent, multi-line corner berms. You also instantly notice how well the bike reacts to the track surface layers, it just feels right. Online racing should be awesome here.

Great job!

Last edited 19 days ago by AZDesertRat

solid track!

Amber Turd

Super sick track. Thanks for all the time and effort making stuff for us to ride


so fire


ive downloaded it and put it in my tracks folder but its not coming up in mx bikes


ok thanks

Brad | KDR

I have played all your tracks there all so good big jumps with a good flow this one is amazing so flowy in my opinion your best track the roughness is nice the nice big ruts are sick good job I’m so glad you are making content for mx bikes keep it up


this track is pretty similar to the actual one (i know because its my local track)


Great work, thank you !


where is the key to the folder?

nvm the mega version needs no key

Last edited 18 days ago by Danish_Gamer_Toke