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Animated Crowd


Hello everyone. This is a crowd asset I have been working on. It contains 6 moving people and 6 stationary people. There are two versions of the crowd. One with seats and one with invisible seats, just in case you want to place them on traditional grandstands. The crowd is 2d planes.

I’ve included a file called “example.scr” which contains frame time information. To make sure the crowd animates in game you must paste the text from “example.scr” to your track folders .scr file.

Included are two blender files. The file “Crowd.blend” is barebones and only contains the crowd models and textures. The second file “CrowdGeoNodes.blend” contains geometry nodes to help place the crowd. There are three geometry node groups to use, two square groups and one circular group.

If you use geometry nodes to place the crowd then you must make instances real before exporting. To do this you must select your crowd go to Object>Apply>Make Instances Real.

All characters were originally made by me in Make Human.


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