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Anime Racing Gear and KX250F Graphics


Includes 3 variations of both gear and graphics kit for KX250F. Enjoy!

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Amazing! can you make it for the kx450 please, it would look awesome


Hey Udon i love the Anime-themed graphics for the KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. But sadly i cant Get this one to work i wanted to pic the kxf one u made but somehow i cant find the Bike(The 2017 KX250F)(or doesnt it matter what year it is? like can i just use any OEM Kxf?) can u maybe link me a download Super Pretty Please? :< Its so Good looking and matches the bike Super Good too, Plus the Kxf in itself looks so good aswell so please Help i been only riding your skin nothing else Please Help i really wanna have that one T_T PS: incase my bad english stopped me from making sense so far, im trying tohave a Kx250f looking just like the one you uploaded on the Picture at the top of this site ^^ wit the Golden/bronze Forks and that nice engine cover and all, Pls Help >_<

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Right Thx Replying! i got that one allready i been only riding that skin on my 250 4 stroke suzuki, but this one looks waaay fresher and ther colours themself on this kawasaki kx250f look sooo dope together, can u please make one that has red headclapms on the fork and stuff so it looks like this one?, also the graphic initself i think look better on this one the Senpai on the Tank is kinda mssing on the other one, can u pls port this so its usable this exact skin i mean o n the current bikes in the game Please? id even Pay you via Paypal, but id love to like have my acctual nickname on it tho and maybe 1 png on the handlehars, ive seen somebody have a custim picture on their handlebars like the bar cover that usually says protaper or some other brands name on it, Again Thank yo uFor Replying and im Looking forward to a Answer >u< ^_^