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Arenacross Tracks by TrackWorks


These tracks were actually intended for the Australian Arenacross series. But due to a problem with the organizers, these tracks remained unfinished.
If you want my new one a few hours before MXB mods release, check out my website.
I have a little something planned for the near future 😉

Thanks to:
RedRider197 for the trailer pack and the gates
Rosshell for the ME track assets
Agitato for the holeshot banner
and Phantomz for the track loader!

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Made for Beta 17.

MEGA KEY: QH-Qjzbkb6xu5d4OCapDYFdrsOlXZK36kXAtJYc018A

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Just curious as to why you decided to share the link and mega key seperatly

pp mcgunga

shut up rhys

pp mcgunga

where did you get that neck brace model?

Cody James

shut up pp


When I tried to download them, it asked for a decryption key, any ideas??


unfinished asf, whoops dont work and wtf is with the start


hey! im the owner of the Australian arenaX seires. and we agree with the whoops. they are high asf causing the front end to buck and go over the bars