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Astars Blue Angels Pack – JPD


Hey guys, sorry its late, been a few days of not being able to do much really. My internet has also been difficult which has hindered y progress in the small amount of time I’ve had.

Props to Black Label, they made this the day of the race, so good work, I’m honestly baffled at how fast they are. This gear is the Alpinestars Blue Angels gear from Tampa SX 2023, worn by Jason Anderson, Eli Tomac, and Chase Sexton. I have included the replica versions of those riders, and public versions of their gear.

Hope you guys enjoy, sorry again for the late upload. Fox Thermal gear from the race SHOULD be up today as well, but no promises at this point haha.

If you like what I upload, check out my Discord, I post all my updates there for what I’m up to. If you want custom stuff, text me on Discord on the weekend, I’m pretty busy right now but should be good on the weekend. Any and all nice comments, donations,and constructive criticisms are massively appreciated.

Thx guys, cya

UPDATED: I fucked up the shading on Tomac’s kit, the thumbnail still shows the old shading which doesn’t match the norm. Tomac wears racer gear, the other 2 wear supertech, and I forgot to change the shading from Supertech to Racer. The link HAS changed with the new kit with updated proper shading on the Tomac kits, the Sexton and Anderson kits are the same. Sorry guys


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Astars Blue Angels Pack - JPD

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