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Astars KTM MXGP ’23 Pack – JPD


Hey guys, first post from me since MXB Mods has come back, thankyou for the work iNsane.

This one was made about a week ago and has been available on my Discord since then. It will be one of hopefully three, but at least two, posts for today from me. SX Winners from Houston will be up in a few minutes because I also did that a week ago, which was also on my Discord.

This is just a pack with the 2023 Redbull KTM MXGP and MX2 teams Astars gear from their photoshoot. Was just some fun, hopefully you guys enjoy.

If you like what I upload, join my Discord, I post all my updates there and being in that Discord had a genuine benefit with exclusive access to my ‘MXB Mods’ posts which werent on MXB Mods for the week it was down. Probably wont be a regular thing, but you can stay updated there.

I’m currently taking a few days off from commissions but if you want custom gear, message me in 3 days or so and I’m happy to provide, just very busy rn and need to rlly hammer out a few commissions which I have had to put off for a bit.

Any and all nice comments, constructive criticisms, and donations are greatly appreciated, keeps me motivated and improving.

Thx guys, cya


My Discord – Petch195#7666

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MXGP + MX2 KTM Astars '23 - JPD

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