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Backyard Husky


This bike was loosely inspired by a Backyard designs bike. But I kept the Backyard logo as the main sponsor.



If anyone wants to support me id appreciate a sub to my YouTube


Its totally free and would make my day!!  (Im trying to get to 100 subs) … yIkN-x-0ZQ



I used Frosty’s PSD

Backyard for the idea for the bike.

Please leave feedback!! It is much apricated and that’s what keeps me motivated to keep making bikes 🙂

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559 - 45.6 MB

Mod Instructions

You can drag the 2 files into both the fc250 and 450 files and they will work

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Nice! It just looks so clean, the white and white seat and the lines really come together. And then the black forks makes all the white pop. I haven’t seen black forks like that, atleast not that I remember. Looks really good! And I subscribed to your channel. If people are gonna download your bikes they should atleast do that for ya.


I’ll have to look at your other bikes again but I think this is the best one by far! You’re getting better quickly.


Sorry for so many comments. But I forgot to ask you, how do you get those numbers to line up so well? That bottom piece always messed me up when I tried a husky


hey man i know it kills people when i ask but i can’t afford photoshop and this bike is to sexy for these ingame font so i must ask can you my number on it if not thats fine??


Download “Gimp” It is the free version of photoshop, there you go problem solved and your welcome


can i use this for my team


What gear you using?

Kallej / Svumpus

Very clean! Could u make this kind of skin for the KX450F?


I know this might be a dumb question, but with photoshop, how do I add my own number and name to it?