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Bark a’ Stark


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Bark a’ Stark

This is the 2nd track I’ve built, the first is “Ballsville“.

The Stark Varg is one of the fastest bikes in the game but you never see it on the servers because no tracks are sized for a bike with this kind of power. That is why I decided to build a track scaled for the Varg in alpha mode. It also works with 450’s. This is an easier flowy track with a few serious booters. There a multiple lines to hit everywhere to keep times competitive. 

Brushed Concrete Design

The track texture will look like concrete that was just poured and brushed, giving it a darker and more malleable affect. 

Credits to the creators of the Y tree pack for the track assets.

Track Info

Track ID: Bark A' Stark

Soil Types (track materials)

Soft Soil


Total downloads: 994

Made for Beta 19. Compatible with other Betas.

Bark a' Stark
Bark a' Stark MediaFire
Bark a' Stark Server version

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