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Bartow Motocross



**Track updated** Went through the whole track and added improved roughness. Eroded jump faces and more pronounced braking/accelerating bumps have been added. With jump face erode, body position on the bike is crucial due to a kickers on the faces. Texture masks have also been tweaked a bit and overall definitely an improved and fun track to ride. Some of the smaller bikes should have an easier time clearing the big jumps as well with the new jump faces and well.. the new OEMs.

This is a replica track of my hometown track that has recently closed down in Bartow Florida. This is the first time I have created a track and I felt that it would be a pretty straightforward and fun track to build.

The track is built in an old phosphate mining area so in real life it is dry, sandy and gypsum stacks line the horizon. with that said, I still decided with going the soft soil route. With this, the track features some acceleration bumps in certain corners and a touch of general roughness which really starts to show once the track gets eroded. A 250 can clear every jump on the track but in some turns a 450 (like real life) will certainly have an advantage. Overall the track is fast and momentum will give you the advantage. Track is a 1 to 1 scale so it is a little narrow but works well.

The track layout is a mixture of the 2009 layout mixed with a little bit of 2010 layout. From the finish line through the big 120+ footer in the back and through to the rhythm section, its 2009. From there to the finish it is modeled after 2010 when they decided to incorporate a tighter “supercross inspired” setup. For the start area, it is different then real life and is going to cause havoc in online lobbies (use your brakes), but if you get through clean then you are set.

Hopefully some people can enjoy this track and maybe this can give some people in my area the chance to ride their favorite track while growing up once again.

*Feel free to leave some feedback! Again could always update add some more roughness/more aggressive braking bumps and acceleration bumps.*

Huge thanks to anybody who helped me on discord, TFC’s and Resolutes videos, and Redrider197, Kellz & Cody, Ryan Cardno, Agitato, and Phantomz for the Assets

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Track ID: Bartow Motocross


Total downloads: 9005

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Bartow Motocross.pkz
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