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BCMX Adventure Park


Sharing my 4th track for Mx Bikes. This replica track is of BCMX Adventure Park located in Cambridge, MN.  The track is soft soil and features many offset turns. I’ve recreated the track as-is with the exception of a couple sections where I’ve either added jumps to make it more enjoyable or made them doubles instead of tabletops.

There is rough and great deformation that you will notice after spinning a couple laps. I’ve made the options in the turns close to the same timing to create some racing opportunities. The berms won’t hold you if you blast them so you may need to use some technique. I had a great time building this track and hope to see some good racing online!

The track also includes a hybrid supercross track where the minibike track usually is as well. The trees have collisions as does the perimeter fence and flag stands, tents, spongebobs, and buildings.

UPDATE: By popular demand I’ve changed the gates and pits to 40. Thank you to all the streamers filling their lobbies for races on BCMX.  Update your files by deleting the old and putting the new PKZ in your tracks folder. As always, remember to use your brakes in that first turn 😉

Lastly, huge thanks to the Mx Bikes community for help. Most notably TFC, Resolute Kraken, Agitatos, Giopanda, and Mouk Lab for the tutorials, tools, objects, and discord help. Thank you also to my test riders featured on the track signage.

Thank you all for the positive responses. I really appreciate it.



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Made for Beta 17.

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great job eraaks thanks for letting us test the track! cant wait to run a 20min moto on here


track has an amazing flow


These minnesota tracks be hittinggggggg! Even tho I’m a shit sand rider in real life lmao

Vibin In Hawaii

track is a blast great job


Best track I’ve ridden so far! Great job!


amazing work, flow is mad on point!!


bro lets go this my home town track


First off ya killed it dawg! Ive always wanted to put my irl tracks and my old private track into bikes and sim started both tracks in sim and never finished lol. Glad someone finally finished one of them and released it and the track changes ya did are all bangers and just added more character and its crazy to think the facility was made in the early 70s and still runs to this day! But Huge thanks to you from the whole BCMX crew we def enjoy seeing it in a game !!!


My vote for track of the year! Amazing flow, multiple lines, numerous scrub opportunities and looks great too:). I want to point out one thing that I think adds to the race feel, which I encourage other track designers to start using. Soft Soil – It just seems to work so well with the current B17 physics and feels more realistic in every way. Not sure what your layer settings are but please share with the community. I find too many designers opt for Compact Soil, which feels like concrete, and creates the pogo stick-like impact behavior. I think this is done to make a track more difficult but IMO it’s the wrong approach.

Hats off to an outstanding job mate!


Not sure about track of the year but it is a pretty good track. Have you played any other tracks in the past 6 months?


very good yes


Really like this track! I don’t usually comment or even “star” tracks but I had to give this one 5 stars. I have never seen nor ridden the track IRL but I can say this track is a very fun and laid back “local feeling” track. Great for all size bikes and skill levels, I can understand where some guys would like some bumps and “roughness” but overall this is my new favorite track. GREAT JOB!


love this track in game and in real life,you should make a track for trax north?!


Great work man! Thanks again for allowing us to test, always down for more in the future just let us know!!


really nice track! well done, did some laps yesterday and it felt very naturally. keep up the great work man 🙂

sx design

I did a donation to you, because this track is great! I love the flow, the sand ground, the environment and the textures are really clean. Great job dude!

Last edited 1 month ago by sx design
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tracks spot on ive ridden in real life on this track and its giving me some nostalgia from pre covid, love it and the sx track is very flowy


amazing lad 5/5 stars

Amber Turd

This track is amazing


when I load in the map my map is completely black but the jumps are still there it’s just I can’t see them or anything except the starting gates. Anybody can help?

Amber Turd

You probly downloaded the server version


Amazing work man, loving the map.


This is pretty much my favorite track right now. It’s my go to track, it’s so fun to just Moto on it. It’s helped me to get so much better and more comfortable on MX Bikes.