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Here it is guys !!!

The evolution of the moto series, the Bell Moto 10… for MXB.

I don’t know how to model an object in blender and i had no time to learn..

But i really wanted that new bell in game. So i reached that dude kornlmalachowsk on Fiverr
and i asked him if he could make the 3D mesh for me. He said yes and after a looong process of modeling and reviewing, countless versions… we arrived to this and i have to say that i’m pretty happy with it. The Model is not perfect, the UVmap is hard to skin… But we have a good looking Bell Moto 10 in game and i’m so pumped.
I textured it, i imported it in game, iNsane helped me a bit to make sure everything is perfect.
I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as i do..
And if you can to participate in the investment i had to make, here is the LINK 🙂


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Bell Moto 10 + PSD

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