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Bell Moto 9 – Oakley


Thank you to Alex T and Damien for the helmet and goggle model with the psd included. Thanks to Phantomz for the shelf scene, DariusP8 for the Fasthouse skin,  Five5One Designs for the two Husqvarna skins, and then I made the minions helmet paint, one of he monster energy helmets, and all of the sprint helmet skins. There are no goggle paints that come with the helmet it is just black and as always, dm me if you need anything Rage#8723

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Helmet Model

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Vibin In Hawaii

lets goooooooooooooooooooo

pp mcgunga

bro can u make the minion helmet a seperate release for the AStars or Moto 10?


despite all my rage


I was like “that Husky helmet looks good”, then I saw the gear set you’ve used. Made me happy 😀
Great upload, thank you so much!