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Bergamini FMX YZ Replicas


What’s up, dudes?

I really hope you guys enjoy this one! This is the bike skin that took me the longest to make!

Both bikes are replicas, and belong to the Bergamini Brothers: Paô and Gian. They are FMX riders from Brazil, and I always watched them as a kid. Now I had the chance to make a tribute to them!

Here’s some more pics:

Please leave some feedback on the comments, and if there’s any problem please let me know ASAP!

If anyone has a special request, or want a bike with the same design and personalised logos, just contact me on Discord: MTBSP14 #4556

Also, fell free to follow me on Instagram: @flavio.c_mx14

Thanks to:

  • GREENLENUX for the “How to make bikes skins” video on Youtube;
  • LANCER for the 2021 SHIFT 3LACK LABEL gloves;
  • PAY2021 for the HELMET MEGA PACK 1;
  •  FLOOZHYMOVIC for the 2020 GAERNE SG12;
  • ? for the YZ125 2015 – Some kinda template;
  • PIBOSO for the software.
  • Tracks: Farm 14 & FMX Test Track

*Gear and goggles are my own creation.

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Mod Instructions

Unpack the .zip file into your 2017 YZ 250/125 OEM paints folder.

mods/bikes/MX1OEM_2017_Yamaha_YZ250 or MX2OEM_2017_Yamaha_YZ125/paints

Support MTBSP14!

My skins are free, but every donation is welcome! Special requests via DM on Discord!


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