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Big Air Motocross – Newaygo, MI


Big Air Motocross is a replica of a local track by me, located in Newaygo, Michigan. Although this track is named “Big Air”, the jumps are not very big and it is 1:1 scaled to real-life using LiDar technology. I made sure to widen the track a little bit to make the racing a bit better.

The track has 30 gates and 40 pits, this is also a sand track so use sand tires.

Cameras are not currently in this version but will be added later, I ran out of time after running into some complications prior to posting this. However, I wanted to have the track out by May 25th as announced.

This track was being finalized as the new OEM v0.18.1c update came out, it has not been tested on them.

Gate models by RedRider197.

Thanks to FatmuppeT for help with my flag.

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Total downloads: 8286

Made for Beta 18.

Server Version
Server Version

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