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Briarcliff MX


Hey guys, while stuck in Ohio I worked on another classic track found only in…Ohio. Briarcliff is a well-known Ohio track that has been home to numerous Loretta Lynn’s qualifiers. While I live a couple hours from Briarcliff, I’ve never actually been there. So with that being said, I relied heavily on GoPro footage, Google Earth, and other images to recreate this replica. The track seems to go through regular changes so this is mostly the 2022 layout, with the ’21 roller section at the end being added (felt it was more interesting than just another double-double section). The start straight is at a bit of an angle in real life and I did my best to taper it off with the rest of the track for this replica. Overall, the track is shorter than OIR and can be tricky remembering the layout as there are a couple rollers/wall jumps that can catch you off guard, otherwise I feel the track flows really well once you get the layout down. I’ve also scaled the jumps up a bit just to work better with MXB physics.

Also, big thanks to those who have provided assets for the community to use: Ruubs (trees), TFC (water truck), Phantomz and Fred MX (skid steers), and Gio Panda (banners, Acerbis stakes, trees), Ryan Cardno (garages), Agitato MX (start board), Noxo (tents), RK (track builder). I also modeled a number of assets in Blender for this track, however, it was only my second time using Blender so [please keep that in mind. I did try my best. As you’re reading this, I am probably already at work on another classic Ohio regional qualifier: Malvern MX ’22.


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