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Cadillac Ranch


Welcome to Cadillac Ranch!

This is my first attempt at a track. It is a replica of a local track that got shut down. I tried to keep everything as accurate as possible to real life while also scaling up some of the jumps to make it more fun in game. I also added a handful of free ride hits on the outside of the track for when you want to go explore. The track works well on 250 or 450, but you will definitely want a 450 to get over all of the free ride hits!



TFC – Track Building Tutorials

Resolute Kraken – Track Builder Helper

RedRider197 – Track Assets/Track Building

Cody James/Kellz – Trees

Agitato – Banners/Assets/Object Placement

Baked Minotaurs – Track Masks

Gandalf420gkush – Track Building Help

Marcus Thompson – Ruts Normal Maps

Bishop – Skydome

Phantoms – Skid Steer Asset

Ryan Cardno – Garage Pack




Total downloads: 10693

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Mega Link
Google Drive Link

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